The Witch
Vital statistics
Title Red Strikes Back
Gender Female
Race Witch
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location A candy-themed house
IMG 6229


The Witch is a villain who appeared in the episode "Red Strikes Back". She is based off of the Witch from the fairytale Hansel and Gretel. She mistaked Red for Gretel when Red, Big Dog, and Little Dog arrived to her house. Just like the Witch from the fairytale, she intends to "fatten" up those that are in her house, so she can eat them. The Witch has an ability to transform into a giant frog when eating a person, thus making her release a "frog-like" burp when transformed back into her normal self. The Witch doesn't seem to know about manners, such as when she ripped off Red's hood and hair with her teeth, Red told her to learn some manners, thus kicking her leg. It is unknown why she kicked the 2 dogs out. This coudld be, because she only needed Red to fatten up and thought they were useless. She ended up bringing them back in order to feed Red loads and loads of food to fatten her up. In the end, Big Dog, Little Dog, and Red are shown inside her stomach.


- The Witch is voiced by Carol Channing

- The Witch is based off of the fairytale character from Hansel and Gretel

- The Witch has a power that transforms her into a giant frog when consuming a person

- Consuming a human-being is known as "vore". So, basically, the Witch was performing a vore act on Red when eating her

- Her only appearance was in "Red Strikes Back"

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