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The dogs find themselves in another situation where they follow Red. They end up at the witch's house from "Hansel and Gretel". There, they are ordained by the witch to feed Red until she is plump enough to be eaten.


Little Dog is back in the woods happily playing in nature. When the Big Dog asks him where the food is, Little Dog suggests they eat moss, cattail roots, earthworms, and the same dead squirrel the last time they searched, only it's decomposed a little. They spot a can of cheese whiz, but before they can eat it, Red pops out of her basket and tells them that the cheese whiz is for her and her granny. She invites them to come along with her. Little Dog is skeptical at first, recalling how the three bears beat them up the last time they went with her. When she coaxes them that the cheese is smokey barbecue flavored, they're convinced and they head off.

At Granny's house, the wolf is attacking Granny and eats her. Inside his stomach, she warns him that she'll give him terrible gas once she's digested. The trio passes by the house, not having seen a thing and avoiding all the warning signs telling them to turn back. They arrive at a house decorated with sweets. The dogs marvel in awe at the sight of the house and start eating it. This draws the attention of the owner of the house, who happens to be the witch awaiting the arrival of Hansel and Gretel. She asks Red if she's Gretel, and she says she's not. The witch decides to settle on her and the dogs.

When they enter the house, the witch literally whips up a meal for Red to make her put on some weight so she can eat her later. The dogs want a bite of the meal, but the witch stops them and kicks them out. While Red is enjoying her feast, the witch takes a bite of Red's hood. Red feels provoked and kicks the witch in the shin. Furious, the witch traps Red in a cage and brings the dogs back, turning them into her lackeys to feed Red as much food as possible until she's fat enough.

After 2 years and 8 months of feeding her, the dogs are exhausted and Red is so fat she can't fit in her cage anymore. The witch creates a cannon that fires Red in the air, turns into a frog and swallows Red whole. When she changes back, she still has room in her stomach, eyeing the dogs. Trapped, the dogs beg for some cheese whiz, which the witch takes out. She then squirts some onto their eats and, in a curtain of darkness, devours them. The end of the episode shows the dogs and Red settling in the witch's stomach, awaiting the inevitable.

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