Red is an episode from 2 Stupid Dogs

It starts out when Little Dog is playing with the flowers and smelling trees. Big Dog says he is hungry so Small Dog gives him food options Big Dog didn't like any of the options then they see cheese cake then Red comes by and say the name of the cheese cake in more detail then Red mistakes Big Dog as her granny then dresses Big Dog up like her granny then Red leads them to the 3 bears house Red question letting them make sure this is Granny's house then Little Dog tries to explain saying "this is Granny's 3 [insert thing or object here]" then they get distracted by toilets and Little Dog and Big dog start drinking outta them then they eat cheese cake but before they even eat it it turns 9 PM and Red says "Granny said no sweets at 9" Little Dog starts crying and Red says "we can eat it tomorrow" so they sleep in the bead since it was the 3 bears house it had 3 beds but the dogs were stupid so Little Dog and Big Dog was sleeping in the same bed it was morning and the bears discover someone has been using their toilets then they find the culprits Red, Little Dog and Big Dog the 3 bears mistake the cheese cake as theirs and says "hand over the cheese cake" Red, Little Dog and Big Dog stuff the cheese cake in their mouths and the bears attack them at the end card it reveals that their heads were on the wall

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