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Little Dog

Little Dog

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17th May 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts. (age 49)



Name Little Dog
Voice Mark Schiff
Denmark Donald Andersen

Little Dog is one of the two main dogs along with Big Dog, he talks alot more then Big Dog and likes food alot.

Main info[]

Pierce (Little Dog) is a small orange Dachshund with black hair that has a bigger taste for adventure than Big Dog. He says he doesn't know his name, yet,  Big Dog put it down as Ida Know. He is voiced by Mark Schiff.

He is completely scared by cats (possibly a case of ailurophobia), and when a cat appeared, it was Big Dog that had to scare the cat away. He does know a little about history (such as when in "Substitute Teacher", an Abraham Lincoln parody was played, when the Lincoln actor (Mr. Hollywood) dies from a sword strike, the little dog remarks "I thought Lincoln was shot").

He often refers to things he doesn't like as "caca!" In one episode, when he tried to fill a form, it was revealed he didn't know his own name. When he asked Big Dog about it and got "I don't know" as a reply, he wrote 'Ida Know' on the form.


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