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This is a list of episodes for the show 2 Stupid Dogs2 Stupid Dogs was produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons and Turner Program Services and was aired from September 5, 1993 to February 13, 1995, totaling 26 episodes. As of the late 90s, the episode "At the Drive-In" was removed from Television Broadcasting due to the episode's brief sexual innuendo.

[edit]Season 1 (1993)[]

2 Stupid Dogs Super Secret Secret Squirrel 2 Stupid Dogs Airdate
1 "Door Jam" "Goldflipper" "Where's the Bone" 1993·Sept·05 The Big Dog's (Brad Garret) can ends up in the market, so both dogs have to use shoes to get in; Morocco Mole (Jim Cummings) loses his special golden tooth and they have to go to Goldflipper's (Jim Cummings) volcano; The Little Dog (Mark Schiff) can't find his bone, so he travels all around the world to find it even though,it's on his head.
2 "Cornflakes" "Greg" "Home Is Where Your Head Is" 1993·Sept·12 The dogs end up on Hollywood's (Brian Cummings) farm, but they want Cornflakes; Greg (Charlie Adler), the evil gingerbread man steals all the candy from Granny Franny's (Kath Soucie) shoppe; The Big Dog's head gets stuck in a wooden fence leaving The Little Dog lonesome.
3 "Vegas Buffet" "Quark" "Love in the Park" 1993·Sept·19 The dogs want to go to The Cheap Economy Style One Pound Hot Dog Buffet but they forced into a casino; A sub particle Quark (Roger Rose) flies into Secret Squirrel's (Jess Harnell) ear; The Little Dog falls in love with a mechanical poodle.
4 "Show and Tell" "Queen Bea" "At the Drive-In" 1993·Sept·26 Kenny Fowler (Jarret Lennon) brings the dogs into school; Queen Bea's (B.J. Ward) bandits try to rob the honey bank; The dogs go to a drive in and meet Cubby (Rob Paulsen).
5 "Space Dogs" "Hot Rodney" "Pie in the Sky" 1993·Oct·03 The dogs end up on a NASA space craft and the Little Dog wants some ice cream, but the Big Dog won't stop pushing buttons; Secret Squirrel has to race a brady Rooster named Hot Rodney (Jeff Bennett); The dogs end up in a convenient store, but they want pie.
6 "A Quarter" "Egg" "Red" 1993·Oct·10 The dogs need a Quarter to activate a payphone; Morocco Mole has to hold an ancient egg,which is a snake named Aspimportant (Jim Cummings) for 3 seconds; The first time the dogs meet Red (Candi Milo), the dogs want cheesecake and end up on the three bears house.
7 "Substitute Teacher" "Chameleon" "Seeing Eye Dogs" 1993·Oct·17 Hollywood is Kenny's substitute teacher; A Chameleon (Roddy McDowall) steals some paintings; The dogs are Hollywood's seeing eye dogs.
8 "Spooks-A-Poppin" "Agent Penny" "Sheep Dogs" 1993·Oct·24 The dogs go to a pet cemetery; Agent Penny (Kimmy Robertson) replaces Secret Squirrel; The dogs are sheep dogs herding sheep at Hollywood's farm.
9 "Trash Day" "Scirocco Mole" "Hollywood's Ark" 1993·Oct·31 The dogs fight over a toilet seat; At a game show, Secret tells Morocco about how they first met and became buddies, along with Morocco's evil twin brother Scirocco Mole (Jess Harnell); Hollywood pretends to be Noah and takes all the animals onto his ark, along with the dogs.
10 "Family Values" "Platypus" "Red Strikes Back" 1993·Nov·07 The dogs join a family which is slightly similar to The Brady Kids; Secret, Morocco and The Chief (Tony Jay) undercover a mixing up and de-scrambling mission to stop an evil, but nerdy Platypus (Roger Rose);The second time the dogs meet Red, they end up at the wicked witch's (Carol Channing) candy house.
11 "Stunt Dogs" "Doctor O" "Return of Red" 1993·Nov·14 The dogs star in Hollywood's version of The Jungle King;Secret and Morocco have to stop an evil Opossumnamed Doctor O (unknown); The 3rd and final time the dogs meet Red, the dogs want meat buy product and save Granny (June Foray) from the Big Bad Wolf (Jeff Bennett).
12 "Far out Friday" "One Ton" "Let's Make A Right Price." 1993·Nov·21 Somehow,the dogs switch bodies making the Little Dog lazy, and the Big Dog playful; One Ton (unknown) wrecks havoc; The Dogs go to a game show and meet Bill Baker (Casey Kasem), but the Little Dog wants the doggie treats.
13 "Cat!" "Voodoo Goat" "Love Doctors" 1993·Nov·28 The Little Dog wants the Big Dog to wake up and scare the cat;Voodoo Goat (John Garry) makes a voodoo doll to stop Secret Squirrel; Kenny finally gets Buffy (Tawni Tametti) to talk to him.

[edit]Season 2 (1994–1995)[]

Only one new "2 Stupid Dogs" segment per each episode; the other two segments are reruns from season 1.

2 Stupid Dogs Airdate
1 "Jerk" 1994·Sept·05 While shouting out "Jerk!",the Little Dog's jerk eco makes the 2 wander all around the Grand Canyon.
2 "Las Pelotas" 1994·Sept·12 The dogs go to a tennis court and mess it up.
3 "Post Office" 1994·Sept·19 At a local post office, the dogs over go an evil post lady.
4 "Day Dream" 1994·Oct·24 The dogs don't now how they woke up, so they retell their dream.
5 "Love" 1994·Oct·31 The Big Dog falls in love with a Hamster.
6 "Inside Out" 1994·Nov·07 The dogs go inside a closed museum.
7 "Spit Soup" 1994·Nov·14 The dogs want to fill an empty, large soup bowl.
8 "Fun!'" 1994·Nov·21 A Hot Dog circus opens tomorrow, so the dogs spend time having fun.
9 "The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog" 1994·Dec·5 People at the White House mistaken the Big Dog as the president. Meanwhile, the Little Dog confuses the president for the Big Dog and thinks he lost his memory.
10 "Cookies, Ookies, Blookies" 1994·Dec·19 The dogs want cookies from a Girl Scouts member, but have no idea how to get to them.
11 "Cartoon Canines" 1995·May·1 The dogs go to cartoon military camp and are renamed Hammy & Loafy! Note:The dogs are also dressed up as The Little MermaidBeany and Cecil, aliens, ameboes, and Ren and Stimpy.
12 "Bathroom Humor" 1995·May·8 The Big Dog has to go to the bathroom so badly, that The Little Dog brings him in a house.
13 "Hobo Hounds" 1995·May·15 The dogs star in a Silent Cartoon in which they have to save a lady from a Train.